the mosts
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 02:16
We have collected "mosts" of our travel and it revealed such things; 
-the longest single journey 
train: 81 hours, transsiberian express, moscow - irkutsk
bus: 28 hours, lima - guayaquil bus
ship: 45 hours, osaka - shanghai ferry
hitchhike: 700 km, junin - mendoza, argentina 
-the longest period we didn't take shower  
5 days in tibet (sounds like a movie)
-the coldest night 
old tingri town, tibet, january, -10 °C and no heating in the room 
-the coldest day  
nanjing, china  
-the longest stay in a country  
china, 69 days 
-the longest stay in a city 
shanghai, 14 days
-the most favorite place 
for traveling: mongolia, laos, bolivia
for living: south korea, japan 
-the most beautiful girls 
ismail: south korea and japan 
özcan: ok i agree that south korean and japanese girls are beautiful but i have one place, poland
ismail: this discussion doesn't end ! 
PS. for those who love latin culture (you get it) correct place is definitely colombia and venezuela 
-the most handsome men 
well, we don't care 
-the best food  
turkish foooood 
-i didn't mean that, the best food apart from turkish food 
chinese food 
-the most "how i am gonna eat that"
yuanyang rice terraces, china, hairy pork skin, chicken feet 
-the most clean country
japan, singapore
-the most dirty country
no offence, india 
-the most interesting country

-the most colorful country

-the most diarrhea making country 
-the most, everything the most
-the most beautiful tropical islands 
phi phi (thailand), gili (indonesia), perhentian (malaysia) 
-the most beautiful under water 
gili islands (indonesia) 
-the most beautiful stars
gobi desert

-the most number of horses (the animal one) 

-the most number of cats (non animal) 
south korea and japan  

-the highest altitude 
5800 meters tibet, himalayas 

-the most stolen passport
-the most stolen camera 
-the most attacked by animals 
ismail: by monkey in nepal, by tick in india 
özcan: by cow in india
-the most colorful photo shots
varanasi (india), lhasa (tibet), yuanyang rice terraces (china), bolivia, laos 
-the most difficult accommodation 
the 3 nights spent with mice fellows in mumbai CST train station 
-the most difficult moment 
the moment when we were robbed and lost both of our passports and wallet as well in india  
-the most cute children 
south korea, bolivia  
-the most common meeting point with friends
bangkok (with aycan, koray, dilek) 
-the most met friend 
serhan özten (busan, new delhi)
-the most weird moment 
after half an hour we were robbed in india while we were sitting on our backpacks and thinking what to do, a guy came to us and told us the last night's match score of turkish team galatasaray, it was so unexpected and irrelative to the situation 
-the most unforgettable moment  
we crashed with our motorbike in a silent night in laos and reached to luang prabang city so difficultly. we were bloody, oily, wet and hungry. at midnight we could find a sandwich even don't remember what was inside. but it didn't matter 
-the best sleep 
sleeping at niras bankoc hostel in thailand right after we came from india 
-the most difficult sleep 
old tingri, tibet, himalayalas sleeping at -10 °C  
-the most interesting character 
buryatian michael, transsiberia express  
-the most "where is this place on the map" 
junin, argentina  
-the most weird welcome 
mongolian police officer who welcomed us with undershirt and loud laughter  
-the most difficult shower 
shower had with bucket in a toilet in india 
-the most freedom feeling 
at gobi desert, laos 
-the most "we will die" moment 
train fire in thailand followed by a stampede 
-the most "i can't describe with words" 
fireflies we met at night while walking to machu picchu 
-the most interesting society 
indians, japanese 
-the most contrast societies 
indians and japanese 
-the most disappointing thing 
realizing jack wolfskin coats bought from fake market in china doesn't warm us in himalayas 
-the cheapest country 

-the most expensive country 
no doubt, japan, arigatoooooooo 
-the most luxurious but cheap accommodation 
datong, china (we paid around 8 euros per person for a room can be considered luxurious)  
-the best night clubs