Living in Turkey
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We are in the middle of Turkey realities for the last three days. We are tired and angry after facing the bureaucratic obstacles.

We made an appointment through the internet and already prepared our documents for the biometric passports which is on the agenda of Turkey for a long time. Everything looked good first, the internet appointments, reminder messages to our mobile phones. It seems it would be smooth ... or we thought so. The first response we received at the Uskudar Police Department was; "The appointment system has not even begun" and the second one was "The passport book fee is not accepted by anyone, noone can apply for the passport yet". We were staring at each other in a weird way, we left without doing anything.


We went to the police office second day but there was a long queue. There was no sense in waiting anyway. We left the Police Department without succeding anything again.

The third day we decided to act more decisively, because passports take precedence for visa, we need them urgently. We decided to queue up at 07:30 in the morning.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, many people were waiting in front of Uskudar District Police Department. We have written our names in the list at 07:45. We went in at 08:30 and completed the fingerprinting process.

We went back for the passport process but there was a long queue and there were only two officers. It means that it was impossible for us to complete the process in the short term. We made a quick decision and decided to go to another police deparment which is far away.

We arrived there after 45 minutes but what we met was a long queue again!

Almost half of the day was wasted, so we changed our minds and went back to former police office. The people were still waiting.

After a long wait, it was finally our turn. The process for me was completed within 20 minutes. It was 15:25 which means that I am done after nearly 8 hours in the queue. Ismail even couldn't complete the process because of some operational problem.

In summary, our situation about modern Turkey's one of most technological innovations, the biometric passport is as following; corrupted booking system, lists held by the citizens instead of machines, collapsed computer systems and missing days...