The struggling of Turks against the world
Monday, 14 June 2010 14:46
Each time we go abroad, we met an American, a European or an Australian but it is unusual to come across a Turkish traveler. In fact, this is a question we asked ourselves for years, why don't Turkish people travel as others? We already know the answer to this question but we are replied over and over again these days.

We are in the final stages of the preparation and dealing with the visa procedures. We are planning to obtain Russia, Belarus, Schengen, China and Australia visas before leaving İstanbul. Unfortunately we have very limited time and we have to hurry, but we have already encountered obstacles. Let me give very simple examples, the German consulate arranges the at the earliest appointment in two weeks earliest, not before or after this date, I do not even mention the list of requested documents. A second example, Russian consulate obtains only single entry visas and asks for registration within three days upon arrival. A third one; to apply for a visa to Belarus, an mediator agency has demanded 359 Turkish Lira, around 170 Euros. Another example; Chinese consulate obtains a visa with a maximum of two entries and if we go to Hong Kong which is located within Chinese borders, one of these entries is gone.

It takes at least 3-4 days to obtain a visa except Russian and costs £ 150 at least. In short, it is not difficult to understand why many Turks do not travel, visa applications and the associated costs prevents people from traveling.

We already experienced how difficult it is for a Turkish citizen to go for a round the world tour, we don't even know what awaits us on the road. The song of the day is dedicated to Kurtuluş, we will be his guest at the very first stop of our journey in a few weeks.