Polska żywo! (Hurray for Poland!)
Tuesday, 20 July 2010 00:36
polskaWhen Germany is mentioned, everything has to be done within the rules! If you wish to apply for a visa to Germany, you first have to make an appointment by phone. To get an appointment, you must have a credit card or you have to pay the fee prior to the appointment. In addition to these fees, then the application fee and shipping fee have to be paid !

I successfully passed this stage and made my appointment. However, when I went to the interview, they said they could not accept my visa application with the existing documents. I went out roughly witth sixty pages of documentation in my hands.

Özcan did not go the appointment since it wouldn't make any sense and we had to change our route. The next day we went to the Polish consulate. I entered the waiting room after a long period in the queue. Then I told that we will travel  all around the world and we want to go to Poland. Besides told that we resigned our jobs, and we have no links to our companies now. This was a desperate application but the answer of the official was surprisingly good. Suddenly she started to ask questions about our world tour. She was very interested. A guy whom I later learned that he was the consul even  wanted to come with us. The behavior of all the officials, including Polish consul, have proven us that our ideas about Poland were totally true. Besides I want to talk about Engin, the most extraordinary ever Turkish traveler whom we have met while waiting in front of the embassy. He  has a bachelor's degreee in Computer Engineering as well as a Master's degree but what makes him special is that he left all his career behind and started traveling. Full three years of travel and the only material is his djembe which he plays. After some nice talk, we said goodbye to Engin hoping that we will meet him somewhere in the world again and started to wait for Monday. We will learn if we could obtain the visa or not that day.