While leaving this city, Krakow...
Everyone that knows me close was asking the same question before starting the round the world trip; Are you going to go to Krakow ? The answer was always the same; "No". But everyone was sure that I will go to Krakow except me and one.

We decided to come here on our last night in Lodz. It seems everyone was right. I found myself in Krakow Glowny after a tiring train trip. This train station is actually very familiar, my mind already began to recover memories.

After taking off, I directly went to the place which I know best here, with tens of questions in my mind. And after the three days we spent here my mind is totally empty now. There is an emptiness instead of the questions, an unmeaningful emptiness.

There are only some images, a jar, a bench in an empty park, the huge rain, unanswered questions and promises that can't be made.

Life is not fair. It was so hard to leave Krakow when I last came, and now leaving hurts much more.

But as I promised, I am leaving Krakow today, leaving my heart here. I guess Round the World Trip starts actually now...

Promised Land, Lodz
Tuesday, 27 July 2010 00:47

DSC_0789This trip to Lodz is not our first. Three years ago while we were heading to Wroclaw by a rented car, we kept on going on the way although we noticed that we missed way to Wroclaw. That road had taken us to Lodz. There is not a sea, lake or a river in this city which is not in the top of the list of places worth to see in Poland. Red coloured, huge, ruin factories, Russian architected damaged big blocs of houses, old trams and the life going on among these. It may look like disappointing at a first glance but as we travel the city we feel that we are in 1950s Poland. That is why we wanted to visit this city one more time and we took many pictures because of this.

In the 1850s a Pole, German and Jew bussiness man started making investments and the factories constructed one by one which made the city the center of industry in Poland. A movie about these investors was also made in 1975 which is called "Ziemia Obiecana" (Promised Land). Some of these factories are still being used and some of them are used for other purposes like museum. So we got our cameras and tried to tell the feeling of these constructions. Sure by means of our models Kamila and Anna.

DSC_0163The rest of the city has buildings which are quite new. These huge buildings were build during USSR period and they are still being used. Young people in this city mostly not pleased to live here as they think it is grey and depressive city. May be that is why the night life in Lodz is more important then in other cities in Poland. Even people from Warsaw come here to enjoy this night life. There are many bars and night clubs on Europe's the longest street Piotrkowska. Also the kebab restaurants.

As a note one of the best film schools in the world is in Lodz where famous director like Roman Polanski used to study. The school has an old history and still education is going on. As it is one of the best, it is very difficult to be accepted to this film school as a student.

However it is beleived that the city is depressive, people are so kind, helpful and friendly. We can never forget the hospitality of the family who hosted us during our stay. After three days in Lodz we are leaving the city with a train to Krakow. We will publish our travel notes from Krakow as soon as possible.

Note: As from now we will share our trip pictures in the Travel Notes section.

First notes from Warsaw


And we started, we are now in the train from Warsaw to Lodz. We are heading to the second stop of our journey.  It has been three days since we left İstanbul and we didn't even realize how we spent it. We know that people following us are curious but we just found time to write something. So how was the last three days ? First of all we walked a lot. Actually this was obvious in the very first morning.


Important Notes about Round the World Trip Item 1 : When you come to a new country, have the local money otherwise you can't even get into bus.


The temperature in Warsaw was over 30 degrees. This means we had an awesome start. We stayed in a very quiet and peaceful place near a forest outside Warsaw. CouchSurfing is with us as always. Mathilda, our host's dog didn't like us in the beginning but after some time we got used to each other.


We spent our first day in Warsaw around Nowy Swiat, city center and old town. Nowy Swiat is a long street with flowers and cafes. (Yes, there are beautiful girls as well) After passing through all the street we came to Stare Miesto, the old town. There is a large square and an old castle. There are old houses and beautiful streets around. Number of tourists are not that much. Warsaw doesn't attract as many tourists as other European capitals. For a similar example, check out Ankara.


In the evening, Stare Miesto starts to get more crowded. There are many shows and street musicians. Most of the young people spend the evening here. As always, standing on stairs and watching the people is the best. DSC_0735


Next day we are heading to Lazienki park. It is especially attractive because of its nature. There are some little lakes and old palaces as well. It is very nice to have a place to be in the nature for the people living here. We spent the night in Stare Miesto like yesterday.  The night is ended by a nice talk just near the Wisla river.


By the way, Poland will host the European Football Championship in 2012. That's why there are many constructions and restorations in the city. Besides there are some events for the 200. birth anniversary of Chopin.


Right now, we are heading to Lodz, we have one more hour to go. We came to Lodz three years ago for the first time, it attracted us so much but we couldn't stay long. This time we would like to spend some more days here and take some photos, we will keep writing on the roads...