To the North, Vilnius
DSC_0587We just passed Estonian border. We are on the way to Tallinn now. Ismail is watching Cem Yılmaz shows on the netbook. Besides I am listening to The Temper Trap while watching the narrow roads within Baltic forests through the window. Ismail is smiling.

We are passing throguh all Baltic capitals one by one and heading to St. Petersburg. Our Russian visa has started last Monday. We should go to Russia shortly. Our visa is for one month and there are a lot to see in Russia. This means we will have 25 days ahead. The travel with Trans Siberia will take 5 days so we don't have much time. By the way we have some other obstacles as well. There is a huge fire around Moscow that affects daily life in a very negative way. Another obstacle is the the ticket for the Trans Siberia. All tickets may have been sold out. First thing to do in St. Petersburg is to buy the tickets. I don't even mention the classical problems in Moscow. The real adventure will start in Russia.

In fact, we were not planning to come to Baltics, we were planning to go to St. Petersburg via a long train trip from Minsk. But we decided to reach Russia through Baltics on the last minute. Back to Latin alphabet. A good news for me, who has lost in Minsk metro and visited all metro stations in Minsk because of cyrilic letters. Show attention to the suggestions Özcan, learn the Cyrilic alphabet at least, you will need them in Russia.

We found ourselves in Vilnius coach station in an evening, so similar to a coach station in an Anatolian city. The problems welcomed us. We couldn't contact to our Couch Surfing host. It was around 22:00 and we didn't have any place to spend the night. Fortunately another member wanted to host us but there was a little problem. Her house was at the end of the city.

DSC_0722We took off the bus at the last stop, our host welcomed us in the dark. The couple that would host us also had another guests. 2 more travelers, one French and one Canadian were there. We talked all the night.

Next day, we were on Vilnius streets. Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania which is one of the Baltic countries who announced independence after Soviet Russia has collapsed. It is impressing with the large streets, parks and historical architecture.  Besides the number of the female people is remarkable. This detail may be because of my attention, I am not quite sure. We took many photos, no, not the photos of the females, the photos of the city. This is not my first time here, I am guiding İsmail.

We spent the evening with our host, we are on the road for days, a good evening to rest and wash our clothes. Until now, we only spent one night in a hostel. CouchSurfing helped us all the remaning nights except the ones we were having night trips. We had many hosts in various cities and all were very helpful. Some has met us in the station, some played poker with us, some went out together and some woke up at 06:00 to prepare breakfast to us. It is really nice to share the same life with different people from various cultures.

We were on the way to Riga next day and arrived Riga after 4,5 hours bus trip. You can read Riga memories from İsmail's words...

By the way, do you know that 2. World War has started in Westerplatte ?