Capital of Baltics, Riga
This is my first time in Baltics. Özcan has been here before for business purposes. In fact Baltic countries were not on our route. During our trip we may have such spontenous route changes so no surprise.

DSC_1011We arrived in Riga from Vilnius after a four and half hours bus trip. Our host was already waiting for us in the bus station. We both walked and talked on the way to home. We were surprised as our host told us that she was interested in Turkish culture and she has been to Istanbul for four times. Finally we got to our place. This house is different from other places we stayed before. It is a Soviet Union type house and called as common apartment. On every floor there is a common toilet, bathroom and kitchen and mostly people have two rooms for living. We enjoy staying in such ancient buildings. As we open the big heavy door of the apartment and climbed up the steps through the humid and dark walls, we reached to our flat. We walked on the floor which maked noise on our every step and finall we came to the room. It was surprising again to see Turkish movies in a common apartment in Riga. Issız Adam, Muro, Gönül Yarası...Suddenly we felt as we are in Turkey. Actually we always feel it in the cities we have been because of our Kebap restaurants. For the last years I realized that Turkish Kebap is competing with McDonalds in some cities.

DSC_0994Latvia is on of the three Baltic countries which are in an order on the map. It is Kaspars Kambala's country at the same time who used to play basketball in Turkey. We just had the possibility to see Riga in Latvia. Riga is bigger comparing to Vilnius and central city of the Baltics. It used to be the same in the past. Although the harbour is a bit far from the city centre, Riga is a port city. The products brought by the ships used to be stored in the sheds in the city and later they were distributed to other cities and countries. Nowadays they are being used as for different purposes such as Jazz clubs, restaurants and cafes.

Our host had a plan for camping out of the city at weekend. Thus she offered to leave the keys to us and told that we can stay there. We accepted this kind offer and after spending 2 nights in Riga we moved to Tallinn which is our last stop in Baltics.

It has been 25 days that we are on the trip. We lost some weight, our hair got longer. Özcan wants to cut my hair but I couldn't decide yet. It doesn't seem to be a good idea for now.

Year 2027:
-Dad, why there is a hole on uncle İsmail's head?
-Son I told you before. Once we were in Estonia, and I was trying to cut his hair. He had a small accident, thats the reason.