Last Step to Russia, Tallinn
DSC_1095We just passed Russian border. The passport procedures which we tought to be hard and long only took 3 minutes. This is both a surprising and a good duration after spending around 1,5 hours in Belarus border crossing. Our bus moved right after our passports are stamped in Estonia. We came to Russian border after passing through a road with precautions and a river which is probably the border between Estonia and Russia. There were Latin letters in the beginning of the bridge on the river while there were Cyrilic letters in the end. By the way the time zone is 1 hour earlier here. The time is 03:15 with Russian time now.

We spent the last three days in Tallinn. We had the most interesting surprise after we just arrived to Tallinn. We were walking to city center after we took off the bus. It is not that easy to walk with backpacks which weights around 17 kg, that's why we were looking for somewhere to rest. Suddenly we noticed some Turkish motiffs such as baklava and tea on the walls of a restaurant, it was an original Turkish one.  It was a great surprise for us who have missed Turkish food a lot. It only took 10 minutes to start eating and drinking there. Drinking a fresh Turkish tea is awesome. We didn't even understand how time passed by, we were drinking glasses of tea consecutively.

It was getting dark outside, there was a rush in the cafe. A table was being prepared and some food were brought to that table. Suddenly some food were brought to our table as well. We were trying to understand what was happening but we suddenly realised that it was time. to break the Ramadan fast. This was a such a typical example for Turkish hospitality. They didn't even ask if we want to eat or not.

We forgot that we were in a round the world trip for a few hours. It was like an ordinary Ramadan evening in Turkey. We realized that we are far away from Turkey after getting out and facing Estonian words and people.DSC_1032

The days we spent in Tallinn were mostly quiet and peaceful. (Except looking for a place to sleep until midnight) Tallinn is established just next to Baltic sea and historical architecture is mainly preserved. There are various cathedrals in the city with the effect of Russian culture mostly. Another detail, Estonian language and Turkish belong to same language family thats why there are some similarities in this two languages.

İsmail has already felt asleep. He was asking why the driver didn't give a break and singing Careless Whisper from George Michael with squeezing his nose with his hands just a few minutes ago.

We will be in Saint Petersburg within two hours. It feels like the Round The World Trip has just started, we are on the road to Asia after we left the countries we already know. Let's see what we will happen in the close future...