Long Long Roads, Ecuador
Sunday, 07 August 2011 05:43
DSC_0667We are nearly coming to the end, hence our trip is getting faster. There are very few railways in South America, that's why  faster trips means long bus journeys. During the university years I used to find the bus journeys that are 5-6 hours long boring, but now the journeys that are 20 to 30 hours long doesn't feel that bad. One of these long bus journeys brought us to the coastal city of Guayaquil in Ecuador after leaving the capital of Peru, Lima. After having a few hours of break here, we head on our way to Quito. After total of 35 hours bus trip, we reached to the second highest capital of the world Quito in a very early morning of a weekday that we again forgot which it was...

DSC_0655Quito is 25 kilometres to the Equator line and this is the main reason of its name. Quito means "The center of the world" in local language. In the past Ecuador was a colony of Spain for a long time and it's possible to see this effect. There are many cathedrals and churches around old town which were built by the Spaniards. The graves shaped as shelves which are also known as catatombs that are in the basement of La Basilica are also a kind of inheritance. It is possible to see La Basilica nearly from everywhere in the old town. It seems, Spaniards didn't come to South America only for the mines, they also brought their religion and language which they spreaded all around the continent. An important part of Ecuadorian people are black and these population is also based on the African slaves which are brought here by Spaniards to work in the mines. On the other hand the currency is American Dollars and I don't have a single opinion about why it is.
DSC_0694We didn't lose much time in Quito and hit back on the road to the north. Of course before that we had to have vaccinations again. We need a certification that proves we had the yellow fever vaccine while passing through Venezuela-Brasil border pass. In fact we had this certificate before starting the round the world trip but after these certificates were also stolen besides our passports, we needed them again. We had the vaccines while many young Ecuadorian mothers and little kid were staring at us. Afterwards we loaded our backpacks again and got on the bus to Otavalo which is a few hours away.
Otavalo is little city covered by high mountains. We reached the city in the evening therefore we spent the night in the city. Next morning, the square which we had our dinner previous night was full of people selling handcrafts. What makes this little city special is this handcraft market which the locals sell the products. After noticing the old ladies with their yellow traditipnal necklaces and black headings, we tought that we could buy some stuff but it turned out that we were wrong, the prices were really high. It seems the fame of the market already off this little city's limits. We bought a few little stuff and decided to keep going. We arrived the Colomian border in the evening, passed the bridge and stepped into Colombia. Time is running out, there are still a lot to see, there will be more long bus journeys...

DSC_0238By the way, we celebrated another birthday on the dusty roads after celebrating previous ones in Puerto Madryn, Minsk and Tokio. The old ladies were staring at us while we were eating the birthday cake in the middle of Otavalo Market. The guy with an empty stomach, the nightmare of the cats,  my beloved travel mate and dear friend. Happy birthday, to many happy years, new countries, new continents...